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Note back from Scott Nassar regarding my complaints home
**Notes in bold italics are of my opinion and to Scott nassar and Orange Lake Country Club

We want our owners to have an enjoyable vacation with fond memories. It was disappointing to learn that we did not meet your expectations. Our owners are very important to us and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to research the items listed on your e-mail. I would like to address your concerns:

Check-in and Checkout Experiences

Orange Lake has standard procedures our employees follow to ensure our units are properly prepared for each owner or guest for check-in. Our staff works diligently in an effort to prepare units for earlier occupancy; however this is not the norm and can not guaranteed. Our staff deployment is based off of past arrival trends and at that hour in the morning, I was happy to notice that you were able to check in (at 10:55 a.m.) even though the posted check-in time is 4 p.m. However, there is no excuse for poor customer service. I agree that the check-in process should not have taken an hour. I met with the appropriate people and discussed the current check-in process for our owners. (Apparently you didn't discuss the check out process either. Did you just forget about that?)

During the new lobby construction, we had to relocate the check-in facility to a small, functional but not optimal space across the street. Due to the configuration of that space, we were limited with regards to what we could offer our owners as services, such as express checkout. You will be happy to know that this past weekend we implemented a new owner checkout process, which was very successful. (No, the check in process at Orange Lake was not functional at all. Apparently Scott must just stay in his office and never leave it. The Check i n process at Orange Lake resort was dangerous, moldy and half of the check in process was outside with THE record high in temperature ever. There was no place inside to sit nor a clubhouse within any close distance. The Orange Lake employees can confirm this. We heard many complaints by them as well.)

Power Outage/River Island Grilling Company
We experienced a power outage at Orange Lake on December 30, for which we did not have any control over. What you experienced at River Island Grilling Company was an unfortunate accident. The fire department did check everyone’s vitals and determined the spray was water, not chemicals. In the 25 plus years Orange Lake has been in existence, this is the first incident of this type. This incident was out of our control; however, the lack of follow-up is unacceptable and has been addressed with the team. (out of Orange Lake Control? Orange lake resort had 0 power. Meaning there were no safety lights at all, nothing on stairs, elevators etc. That means Orange lake has no emergency lights. This is a resort of thousands of people. Even the hotel/condo section had no lights. This is highly unusual, because any other time I have seen a power outage emergency lights have come on. Can you believe Scott has the audacity to say that? All of this money that the guests and owners pay for maintenance and that is the response I get. Aren't there some code violations to having 0 emergency lights when there is a power outage. Even I have a wall flash light that comes on during a power outage. We had a small child in our room and there are stair and steps. Goodness. The chemical that was sprayed on me had to be washed off. After the fire department told me that I should take a shower to remove all of the spray, I soon discovered that my pitch black dark shower had to be take carefully. Imagine if you had to take a shower with no lights at all. I'm talking 0 visibility.)

Hot Water Heater
I assure you that preventative maintenance and routine inspections are performed regularly on all of the accommodation units. However, there is no way of determining when an appliance might suddenly stop working. This hot water heater hadn't been changed out in 20 years. It was probably never serviced either. Id love to see the records on that one. Since launching this website just a few short months ago, we have already had about 15 emails from owners who have mentioned that their units are in poor condition as well. When each Orange lake owner pays $800 plus a year for maintenance fees you would expect the unit to be in perfect working order. Yes there are problems. That is understandable. We let those go most of the time. You have to remember we have been going to orange lake country club for 25 years. But when you have the amount of complaints and the complexity of issues like we had in one week, then there is a problem. And that problem starts at the top. Scott, as you told me over the phone, you are the top and the buck stop with you. I hope others can help you out because you need it.

New Year’s Eve
The atrium was under renovation and we chose River Island Grilling Company as an alternative location for the 2007 New Year’s Eve event. I’m sorry the event was a disappointment to you this year. We have not received any other complaints about the event.
Scott Do you realize that there was capacity for about 250 people at the party? Do you know how many guess you had staying on property that night? 10,000 for the whole place? You seriously need to open up and see what's going on at your resort. Have you ever even been to a New years Eve party there? Apparently not. And people cant complain. We know what happens if you complain. Nothing. We talk to other owners Scott. Do you? This is without exaggeration the truth. And Orange Lake Resort doesn't even know about their problems. Sad. what I hear here is that Orange Lake hears us but who cares.

There is no excuse for lack of cleanliness. The individuals responsible for cleaning your unit have been counseled and appropriate action taken so this type of incident does not recur. I was told an email was sent to the department head. I'm sure Scott Nassar was told they have been counseled. Yes counseled through email. That is how they contact their department heads. Again, Scott is getting facts from a management staff (the ones I have spoken to) that is there just to say, "yes sir. Yes sir." Orange Lake has no clue what's going on. They need to get out and get in the trenches.

West Village Clubhouse/Pool Complex
As you know, we are in the process of renovating our West Village Clubhouse, which will be completed this year. I am pleased to announce that the newly renovated atrium is partially opened for owners. Although the game room was not available for you to enjoy, we referred our guests to Tower Arcade in Splash Lagoon and our redemption arcade, Treasure Cove in River Island . Our West Village renovation includes a new pool complex and restaurant by the West Village Clubhouse, and I am sure you will be very satisfied with the results. The pool complex will be completed this coming summer. We used to have a game room, restaurant, pool, movie theatre. That is what we were used to. That is what we were shown before we purchased the villa. That was all gone when we got there. We were not notified of any of this. Sure its undergoing renovation. But send us a letter stating that. Don't send us a newsletter stating "pardon our dust." It wasn't dust, it was a complete meltdown. And we definitely weren't notified of the complete different the "dust" was going to be. Orange lake should have notified us of the condition that the villa was in and the condition that the property was in so that we could decide before had whether or not to reschedule for that year.

Shuttle Service
Although we have designated shuttle stops throughout the resort, when possible, we provide special transportation to those individuals who are handicapped or for some other reason are unable to walk the distance to the shuttle stops. This service is arranged through our Resort Services office at ext. 6100. To ensure our resort shuttles remain on schedule, they are not permitted to vary from their routes for individual requests of door-to-door service. This would not be fair to guests who are already on the shuttle or waiting for the shuttle. My mother has a bad leg. We were told nothing could be done about it because we were off the trail. What hurt the most is that he said it would cost to much to shuttle everyone around and if I wanted that he would have to raise the maintenance fees. That was a slap on the face. Scott let me tell you how it has worked. It was originally a small resort. We only had to call and we would get picked up if we needed to go to our villa. It wasn't fast and it wasn't perfect but it was still great to have. So, now the resort grows bigger. More units equals more people and more revenue right? Well what scott seems to think is that you keep the same amount of transportation and lessen the service because there are more people. Scott. How backwards is that? You don't threaten to raise everyone maintenance fees. You tell them. You are right we should have increased the transportation with the growth. Heck you charge $16 to rent a tube to go in the pool. And you can't even bring your own tube or you get kicked out. Again Scott, get off your tush. You are not running a well oiled machine. What you think is working for your bottom line isn't helping your guests.

I am very sorry about your mother’s car. You should have received a notification of this scheduled work being performed when you registered at the front desk. Chris has left several messages for Gail to return his calls. Gail spoke with Chris today. From that conversation, Chris found out that Francis, not Gail, is the owner of the car, and she will be faxing the estimate to Chris. Upon receipt of the fax, he will have a check cut for that expense. (No Scott, again here is your problem, you are relying on a poor management staff trying to communicate to you what you want to hear. They tell you what you want to hear and you go with it. maybe it is not their issues. Its your issues. The owner of the car IS Gail. I would know. She is my mom. Francis is not female. He is male. You also have the last name wrong. Scott are you starting to see the big picture? No we did not receive notification that our villa was being painted at the front desk. That was not the case. If that is what you think you are being lied to. Chris is one of the managers that you do not want to talk to. He promised a call back after he said he completely understood our issues. He never called back. His excuse was that he had some time off.

After careful review of the issues you listed on your e-mail, I concur with Mr. Ross’ offering and believe that we have been extremely generous. For that reason, I will not agree with your demands for us to enroll you as an elite member of GlobalAccess at no cost to you. We will reimburse Francis for the cost to repaint her vehicle.

I loved that you didn't talk about the drugs found in the villa. Good job there Mr Nassar. How do you miss that? Would you want your child ingesting heart medication? Or did you finally believe that Orange lake resort is not even near in touch with their owners and guests that you cant admit that you're doing a poor job. Or did you get tired of making excuses? Here is what I conclude. It's not mainly your staff that is doing poorly. It is you that is teaching them to shake their head yes and tell their customers that they are number 1, a priority and we are important, and then when you're not face to face or when action needs to be done no action is really taken. This is exactly what you did and what your staff does. Is everyone like that? No, but management is to blame. Global access would allow us to do what we want with our week and make up for your poor treatment of us, the inconveniences, the stress etc.

We are always striving to improve the amenities and services provided at Orange Lake . In appreciation for taking the time to communicate your experiences to me, I would like to provide you with complimentary accommodations for seven days. Complimentary ha ha? Give me my time back. What's happening with the declining service at Orange lake? What are you doing with our maintenance fees? Who's watching you? Do you not have shareholders? Board Members? Something is wrong at Orange Lake Country Club, and we will get to the bottom of it.

I look forward to our call in a few minutes.
Scott | Nassar
Sr. VP of Resort Operations
Operations Management

**Notes in bold italics are of my opinion and to Scott nassar and Orange Lake Country Club



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